Best place to grind in Pokemon X?

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I'm just at Lysandre's Hideout but I want to level grind all my Pokemon to around 55. Where's the best place to do this?

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Try one of the restaurants in Lumiose City. Right now, go with the 2-star restaurant (Le Yeah). Before dining, give yourself the EXP O-power and the Money O-power. The fights are easy, but you'll get a good sum of EXP out of them and a profit from selling the mushrooms they reward you with. The O-powers will last until you're done battling the trainers.

If you use O-powers on yourself many times, you'll unlock lv2 and lv3, which means more money and more EXP. When you beat the game and have to grind, go to the 3-Star restaurant and do the same process. Much easier than spamming the Elite 4 and you'll have more money in your wallet.


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Thanks man, I completely forgot about the O powers. I didn't use them much during the story because I hated going into the menu everytime I wanted to use one.

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On Officer Jenny or Nurse Joy.
;) lol