best place to get a DS fixed?

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i dropped it down the stairs(i no it was stupid)

n i cant find any shops that are selling them at the moment so i think ill just get it fixed

also has anyone had any problems with their DS after it has been repaired like the PS2 had etc.?

like is there point in getting it fixed or will it just break again.

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Well, just call nintendo tech support and ask them for a repair (the number will be in the warranty section of the ds manual.) There will be charges, my guess would be a max of 30 dollars, any more than that and you should probably just go somewhere else. But who would know how to repair it better than Nintendo itself?

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Depends how much damage was dealt, if it was minor you could fix it at home.
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It's best to let Nintendo handle it.

Start with this.

And then try this.

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Send it to Nintendo, if you still have you warranty.
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Poor DS. Nintendo.
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i got my dsi top lcd repaired in the city at , not sure if anyone used them before but they seem pretty good at what they do since thats all they do is fix game systems.
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Send it to Nintendo, if you still have you warranty.WSGRandomPerson

I'm pretty sure the warranty doesn't cover dropping it down the stairs.

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Nintendo DS Repair Center