Best Mario RPGs?

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Posted by nintendoboy16 (36251 posts) 3 months, 23 days ago

Poll: Best Mario RPGs? (5 votes)

Super Mario RPG (SNES; Nintendo/Square) 40%
Paper Mario (N64; Nintendo/Intelligent Systems) 0%
Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door (GC; Nintendo/Intelligent Systems) 40%
Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story (DS/3DS; Nintendo/Alpha Dream) 0%
Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle (Switch; Ubisoft) 20%
Other 20%

So, which Mario RPGs you feel are best?

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#1 Posted by Megavideogamer (6483 posts) -

Super Mario RPG Legend of the 7 stars is the best.

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#2 Posted by KBFloYd (21821 posts) -

ive only played 3 of those

super mario rpg

paper mario 64

mario rabbids kingdom battle

i choose mario rabbids :)

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#3 Posted by pyro1245 (5004 posts) -

The Thousand Year Door is by far the best Mario RPG.

Not only is it the best Mario game (that's right, I said it. Platformers are great, but TTYD is better) it's one of the best RPGs.

Paper Marios on the SNES and N64 are also good games. Never played rabbids, but I've heard they went all Xcom with it and it is apparently good.

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#4 Posted by darktruth007 (811 posts) -

The Thousand Year Door was awesome.

I voted Super Mario RPG though - went right past me when I was kid and never got to play.

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#5 Posted by Litchie (23893 posts) -

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door at the tippety top, with Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga on 2nd place.