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And where are the SNES games? I can't believe that they haven't freed the beast and put SNES games out on the 3DS. I'm new to the 3DS scene but is there any word about expanding the VC for it? I was fully expecting to be able to buy SMW and ALTTP after my celebrated victory in ALBW.

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Yeah I got no idea. It's pretty lame how Nintendo has handled the VC. Hopefully one day they'll change the way they handle it.

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Yes the eShop is pretty lame for the 3ds and the layout is really bad but oh well ! Even for the Wii U it is really bad and the cost is kinda high ...

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Has there been any SNES games released on it? The NES games look so good I thought they would have already done this with SNES. I'm kinda in shock.

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I think they're trying to entice people to buy on the Wii U eShop more or... something. Still they could come at some point. At least on the bright side you can play ALTTP on the Wii U VC.

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lol I'm not even asking for cross buy. I just want the games. I don't even mind the double dip. If it meant I could have grabbed ALTTP and F Zero on my 2DS I would have been all over it. Its a shame but I guess I'll have to wait for a handheld that does have the SNES library. Maybe the HDS in a few years.

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As far as I know SNES is not on the 3DS VC. Nintendo is sitting on a gold mine with the VC and is disappointing to see it squandered. I've said it time and time again; if they were to do it properly and release a decent amount of games they could make bank. I'm still waiting to see if the Wii U gets GC games. I will be very hyped for that.

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@Bardock47: With the GCN controller adapter with Smash I can't see why they wouldn't release CGN games on Wii U. Actually they could release controller adapters for all their previous systems. I'd get the N64 adapter because there's no controller that is as unique as the original and other controllers don't feel right with them.

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I thought you were talking about the eshop in general. I'm not familiar with the 3DS Eshop but it sucks to hear that it's not there yet. Hopefully they add support soon.