AWAY: Journey to the Unexpected

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Here's the game's official website - , , as well as it's Nintendo of America web page. -

This looks like a really interesting indie.

The entire game is played from first-person, and takes place in a 3-dimensional world with 2d sprites.

You play as a girl boy (I was looking at it on my phone earlier. It's actually a boy with some sort of animal-skin cap.) who's not very good at fighting, but she's he's good at making friends. And some or all of the characters you encounter in the game can be recruited and played as, offering a different weapon and style of play.

It's also apparently a roguelike (rogue-lite!), so I'm thinking it must have randomly-generated dungeons or something.

Art direction looks nice, lighthearted and fun.

Not sure if it will be any good or not but it caught my interest and seems like a good fit for playing on the Switch.

AWAY has a release date slated for February 7th.

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Yeah, does look kinda cool... will have to check it out.