Are you going to avoid Wii U until you get it?

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#1 Posted by optimal_saint (25 posts) -
I'm getting mine on launch day (Thank god for Walmart's belated preorders) but I've decided that I'm not going to play any of the demo units, I'm not even going to go see them. Before N64 came out I was at the demo unit at Toys R Us several times a week. Same thing for Gamecube. When I bought them I thought it took something away from it because I had played them for probably hours on the demo unit. I decided not to do that for Wii; didn't play it or even see it in person until launch day, and I think that it made it much more special. When I get the Wii U I want it to be a complete surprise and experience it hands on for the first time at home. I guess to compensate I am reading and watching a ton online articles and videos and reading other peoples hand on impressions. Anyone else going to hold off until purchase?
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#2 Posted by Los9090 (7288 posts) -
I've always been like that with new systems
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#3 Posted by KBFloYd (19389 posts) -

i'm doing the same... just reading forums and a few videos here and there...i want to be totally surprised :P

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#4 Posted by thetravman (3592 posts) -

I never have opportunities like that where I live. Doesn't matter though. I'd rather not experience it until it's in my living room.

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#5 Posted by Vickman178 (866 posts) -

Same here!! I'm also trying to avoid looking at too many picture of it online :P I also do the same thing when buying games, half the games I buy I know very little about them which sometimes ends up with me buying a game I don't like but whatever!

Anyways back on topid.. I've decided i'm going to New York to wait in line at the Nintendo World Store, i"ve always wamted to experience that going to a midnight event for a system and i'm finally going to do it! Only 24 more days to go!

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#6 Posted by manicfoot (2670 posts) -

I'll definitely avoid everything about the console itself. I'll watch reviews of games, but I want the system's boot up screen and home menu to be a complete surprise when I turn it on for the first time.

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#7 Posted by JustBoomer (188 posts) -

Only going to look at mine and play mine!;)

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Only going to look at mine and play mine!;)

*insert penis joke here* [spoiler] maybe "insert" wasn't the best word choice... [/spoiler]
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#9 Posted by tocool340 (21188 posts) -
Its what I've always done so yeah I won't be playing it til I buy one for myself...
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#10 Posted by Sir_Torrigan (98 posts) -

I want to try that tablet controller for myself, but otherwise I'll wait for launch day.

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#11 Posted by moistsandwich (25 posts) -

I'm very excited for this launch. ZombiU ftw!

Whilst I've owned many a console... this will be my 1st DAY 1 purchase for hardware.

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#12 Posted by Vickman178 (866 posts) -

I'm very excited for this launch. ZombiU ftw!

Whilst I've owned many a console... this will be my 1st DAY 1 purchase for hardware.


Haha awesome! I can't wait to get mine, it will be the first time I actually go wait in line for something hours (or days) before it comes out! :P

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#13 Posted by ekalbtwin (1044 posts) -
I tried to stay away from Wii Us but a few of them got out somehow and now a pack of them are taking over the inner city streets of my neck of the woods. It is getting so bad that old people are being attacked and forced to learn a touch pad at the threat of being bitten if they try to call for help. I have always been a Nintendo fan and none of my older consoles have ever tried to get out or attack other people. I am going to have to buy a cat carrier just to make sure my Wii U doesn't get out one night and attack the old folks home down the street. Thanks Nintendo, thanks a lot. If I had not already preordered the Wii U, I sure would be avoiding it!
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#14 Posted by champofcube15 (1596 posts) -

I'm on the fence about it. I really want to try out the controller since a few demo units popped up in my city, but I do want to see the home menu/settings, etc. Maybe it'll just be a demo disc or something.

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#15 Posted by trugs26 (7527 posts) -

Where I'm from there have never been demo units on or before launch day. So I've always seen it for the first time straight out of the box. Better than Christmas <3

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#16 Posted by nyc05 (10190 posts) -

Most definitely. I have no desire to try it out at the demo stations around town. Hell, at this point, I really don't even read up on it or watch videos any more.

When I bring it home on 11/18 I want it to be as fresh and new as possible.

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#17 Posted by KiD_ReMiX (254 posts) -

I won't be avoiding any demo units or otherwise. I actually would prefer to play it before i do/don't get it.

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#18 Posted by AutoPilotOn (8655 posts) -
I couldn't help myself. Played a demo unit earlier. I thought it was awesome. My gf was not impressed. She said it was just like my Xbox but with a big tablet controller :(
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#19 Posted by Bangerman15 (1978 posts) -
i tried the kiosk for like 10 mins cuz i wanted to see the controller and feel it, it was just the rayman legends demo, but im sure my time with nsmb u and nintendoland will still be awesome :)
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#20 Posted by Philosopho (86 posts) -
Absolutely, this is my first game system in over a year now, so I want to be surprised. I've got the system and NSMBU paid in full already. I want it to be like the old days when I was a kid and didn't know everything about a game a year before it came out. I'm super excited.
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#21 Posted by meetroid8 (21152 posts) -
Nope, since I'm still on the fence, I'll be playing it every chance I get.