Anyone own or have tested a Nintendo 2DS?

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Anyone have one or know of someone that does? I figure it would be a good handheld system for my 5 year old....since she's got a lazy left eye and poor vison in it she can't really do 3D images anyway.

Just wondering if anyone out there had any kind of feedback. I have read some reviews and most of them seem decent or talk about how cheap it feels in comparison to the 3DS system.

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A friend of mine has one.. its good for kids with it being supposedly sturdier (i havent faced any issues with my original 3ds myself) however i would still say 3dsxl is the best way to enjoy 3ds games. the 3d option can always be turned off if required..

my 2 cents, got for the 3dsxl.. if strapped for cash or u really dont want the 3d, then the 2ds might be an option.. not much of a difference between the 2ds and the original 3ds tbh

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I've used a 2DS twice. I don't like it as much as the 3DS, but it's definitely great for children. Feels pretty sturdy and would be able to handle a few falls. Kids will no longer have to worry about broken hinges because it doesn't fold, but this does make it a bit too big for pockets.

It does feel cheaper. It's made out of a cheaper plastic compared to the 3DS and 3DSXL. You can definitely feel the difference with the buttons and d-pad. It feels more like a toy than an electronic device, IMO.

The vast majority would agree that the 3DSXL is the best model in the 3DS family, but if you think your daughter wouldn't mind a smaller screen and the design, save some money and buy the 2DS.

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Cool. Thanks for the feedback.

The 3D option on the 3DS/XL would be wasted on her with her eyesight issues - so kind of a waste of money which is why I'm looking at the 2DS. It's good to hear it may hold up better when compared to the 3D models. I'll have to pick one up for her then.

Thanks again.

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I bought a red one, and while the screen takes some getting used to if you've had a 3DS XL, it's a pretty cool piece of tech, IMO.