another 999 game on the 3DS? I desperantly want one!!

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Having enjoyed 999 on the DS, what are the chances of another visual novel coming on the 3DS? Please let this happen, I will do backflips!!!!

I know Virtue's Last reward came out recently, but I am not satisfied! I want more!!

Let me know your sincerest thoughts here.

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Pretty sure the makers of 999 and VLR have confirmed the next title is in development

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Danganronpa will be released shortly for the Vita.. its quite similar if you are interested

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I read somewhere 999 and Virtue's Last Reward are supposed to be part of a trilogy, so the third game is coming at some point.

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In all likelyhood, the third game will be officially announced and given a release date sometime next year.

Also, the whole point of the second game was to entice you into wanting to know what happens next. That's how it is with most trilogies.

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Don't have a link, but I'm positive it was confirmed by developers awhile back. The only problem is they haven't even released a title yet, but it will take place between 999 and VLR (if you've played both you'll realize why). I think they are working on other projects at the same time, but if I'm not mistaken they were suppose to release more info by years end. Doubt that will happen now, but you'll know when that happens as the series has a strong following.