Animal Crossing Switch rumoured to be released in April

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The 29th to be exact.

A retail store in the UK recently leaked this apparently. Looking forward to it, if it's true.

It would make sense releasing it earlier in the year due to wanting everybody to get an early start on seasonal bugs/fish etc.

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If it's true that's cool. I'd figure the game would come out in Japan first due to those games having a lot of dialogue and needing to be translated/localized.

Yoshi launches worldwide a month before that, I assume that isn't so text-heavy though.

And Fire Emblem might come out by the end of Spring? If so I know what I'm saving my money for.

I'm currently not expecting to get the new AC, but you never know. I enjoyed the GCN and DS ones, but I feel like the games haven't evolved much.

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@Ovirew: Yeah they do need to change the games up a little bit more that’s for sure. I mainly play them to complete the fish/bug encyclopaedia. After I’m done it’s like...”What’s next?”

New Leaf from what I played was good but I think I really liked Wild World on the DS.

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@speeny: Yeah New Leaf was decent, the way your characters had a larger body and could display clothing better was cool. I wished being the town Mayor had actually added more to the gameplay though.

My favorite thing was actually collecting furniture sets. It always felt awesome to dedicate time to collecting a set you liked, and obtain most of it. It made popping in to Nook's daily worth it! Cool clothes and accessories were great too.

I am stunned that there still isn't more you can do in the games. But I feel like the next one's gotta add a little more to do.

I remember people comparing each AC game, and they noticed that between the original, Wild World and New Leaf, the devs have gradually given players less dialogue options. I feel like there really ought to be more ways to have your presence in the games matter.

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@Ovirew: I have loved the games for years but they do get boring fairly quickly in my opinion. That’s if you don’t have the patience for them. I guess overall the games are good in small doses. It can be a slow process building your town if you don’t time travel. (Which I think ruins the experience anyway.) I TT’d too much in my New Leaf town and it ruined the game completely for me.

I’ll definitely be giving the Switch version a go. I’m really hoping it’ll be the biggest game yet as it’ll be the first HD game in the series.

A lot of people wanted the option to have different jobs instead of just being the mayor or a villager. I agree. It’d really add a different spin on things. What you mentioned with more dialogue options is a must too. Really all the villagers will ask is if you can pick them some fruit/items or to come over to their/your house.

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@Ovirew: Also I’ll be picking up Yoshi’s Crafted World. I never played the game on the Wii U. This is a different game right? I guess it’ll be a breath of fresh air.

Beat Kingdom Hearts 3 last week and am slowly progressing through NSMB U Deluxe. (Getting all the star coins on single player is kinda tricky.)

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@speeny: Crafted World is a brand new Yoshi game, but is sort of a sequel to Wooly World and the 3DS game, Poochy & Yoshi's Wooly World.

I like hearing that there is a bit of challenge to NSMBUD. I want to get it one day, but it's going to be a later buy for me.

You beat KH 3 already??? Did you like it? I would've liked to play it but I haven't played 1 in years and never got to try 2.

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@Ovirew: I was expecting a lot more from Kingdom Hearts 3 in terms of worlds. Everything that is in it was shown off on YouTube prior to the games release unfortunately.

It was good. But, now that I’ve played it I look back and think: “Oh yeah, I played that didn’t I.” Nothing wowed me.

Honestly if I were to choose between 2 & 3 KH2 was a much better game. I guess also because it was such a big step up from 1. Just my opinion though.

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Yes, some tasks can get boring. Although my favorite part of the game is visiting your friend or friends while you both are sitting in front of your console/tv and checking out each others towns while chatting. Writing messages on the town board and sending each other notes made it simply when you couldn't hook up with a live friend. Miss the microphone while playing Wild World on Wii. Waited for it on Wii U and never sprung for a 3DS so I could play it as I already played it on Game Cube and the original DS.

It's been a long time coming while playing on mobile. My best friend and her daughter gave up as did some of the friends that I've made through the mobile game. It is a lot of mindless grinding. I hope to keep the friends I have made, but most of them are from Japan where we will have a language barrier. I believe some are Aussie's by watching their sign in times.

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I would think if this was slated for an April release that we would have some information about it by now. But we know nothing, not even the official title.

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@calway55: Another Aussie here! But yeah, I spent little time on the mobile app. Really hoping for great things on the Switch game.

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@dzimm: Good point. I really hope Nintendo isn’t trying to “rush” the game. Because all we’ve gotten is the little snippet of Tom Nook. So, even if we end up getting it late 2019 I’m happy with that.