Animal Crossing can't do math.

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In today's fishing tourney the goal was the biggest pond smelt in my town. Mint, a green squirrel was in first place with a 6.40 fish. Later on I caught a 7.50 pond smelt and took the lead.

So 6PM hits and the tournament is over, we go in to the tent to receive our awards. I notice I'm on the number two spot, not number one, and that little green bastard is at number one, so that must mean he earned the top spot, right? Wrong. He somehow managed to get that spot with a 7.15 pond smelt. WTF yo! In what world is 7.15 bigger than 7.50 ? In New Leaf world I guess.

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no but...really..that is a nintendo boo boo

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Lol. He rigged the competition.

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I thought Mint was female. Maybe she won because Chip the beaver and Mint... uh... I... um nevermind. haha :P

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@Bigboi500: you know it's impossible to beat the leading fisher (in this case,a fisherwoman) without donning the "last casting" by 5:55 PM*... I did this for 3 times and ended up winning the gold trophies for the event.

*luck is the only way to win this event