All eShops down following the rush to download Smash Bros. Ultimate version 3.0.0 and Joker DLC

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If you are having trouble accessing any of the eShops, you are not alone. All of the digital stores are down at the moment.

The issues naturally started shortly after Super Smash Bros. Ultimate version 3.0.0 and the Joker DLC went live, so you may also be unable to download the latest patch. Fortunately, Nintendo is aware of the situation and is working to get things back up and running. The company says it will provide an update as soon as it has more information.


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Was able to easily buy the Fighter Pass and install in the morning before work. Kind of a bummer it wasn't available the night before but nothing to be outraged about.

So far so good on the new update. Joker is fun to play, Stage Builder is great, the Smash app is working well, and I enjoy being able to download Mii Fighters created by other players.