Adding credit to the WiiU eshop doesn't work

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#1 Posted by TheFlush (5885 posts) -

Yesterday I've used my credit card twice to buy new games from the WiiU eShop without any problems.
This morning I decided to buy another game, but when I tried to add credit to my account an error code (107-6542) displayed, telling me that my credit limit was reached.
But my current credit level is 0...

Tried it again after resetting my WiiU but it doesn't work.
Does anyone else have this problem as well??

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#2 Posted by MegaMagnetMan (25 posts) -

I've been having similar issues with my own credit card except I'm getting error code 107-7536 and it tells me that my credit card information was not entered correctly when I'm putting in exactly what it says on the card. When searching Nintendo's site for that error code I get no results.

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#3 Posted by enrique_marrodz (2107 posts) -
Perhaps they are updating the store. A similar thing happened to my last time during the last update