Action Replay on the 3DS.

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Hi Guys here with my first post. I was wondering if the Nintendo 3DS would be able to use the DSi Action Replay. I have been searching for an answer to this question through the internet but no one seems to give direct answer and instead change the subject to "you shouldn't cheat" or "I hate cheaters" deal and never really answer the question. I'll be honest and I don't intend to offend anyone but I don't care if anyone cheats or not or if you don't find it fun r not. I like playing my games as I want to ply them and I don't judge anyone for that so neither should anyone judge me. I want a 3DS and it comes out the 27th over here in Puerto Rico and I'm exited for it the first game I'm buying though is Pokemon (I have the Pokemon fever again) I don't have much time in my hands as I used to and I won't be one of does who plays just one game, come one who does REALLY? I have a PS3 to give love to as well lol, so I was wondering if the DSi Action Replay will work on my 3DS (sense it's backward compatible and all) or will I have to wait for a 3DS AR and if I do will it also cover DS games as well. I have read lots of posts and rumors about the updates that Nintendo are planning to do to prevent piracy and such. But I don't see any reason the action replay will be band with this updates after all you are buying the game and you're just using something to cheat (they sell them in GameStop and other stores for Baby Jesus sake!) so it's nothing illigle. so please guys help me out here and don't be Trolling and Hating about it. Thanks!!
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I am sorry, it wont work on the 3DS. I have not heard anything about an Action Replay 3DS yet.
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no the Action replay DSI wan't work on a 3DS but there is a Action replay 3DS i have one myself