A Question About SD Cards

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I have no technological expertise at all whatsoever so I apologize up front if this is a stupid question. All of the downloadable titles that I have on my 3DS are taking up too much space. Can I purchase another SD card and transfer all of my downloadable titles to that without effecting anything else for my 3DS? If so, when I want to play one of those titles is it as simple as swapping in that SD card? Does any SD card work or would I need a specific brand (does Nintendo make one)?

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Any and all SD cards should work (as long as they are 32 gigs or less, though there is a way to get sd cards with larger storage to work with the 3DS). Though I recommend getting a card that is fast. I got a 32 gig, all I did was take out the sd card in the 3DS, put it into my computer, create a folder on my computer to act as temperary storage for all the data on the SD card, take out the 2gig card from the computer and then slid in the 32 gig card, copied the data from the folder and pasted it onto the card. If you do everything properly, your 3DS should have no trouble with it.