A question about 3DS Game saves

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I'm planning on buying a 3DS and I was wondering, Do the games save to the gamecart like old DS games or do they save onto the SD memory? I was wondering incase the savedata would go bad on the current 3DS cart that there would be a backup save file of the game on the SD stick. Thanks. :)

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The games saves on the cartridge. Some data is also saved to the SD card so that Streetpass and possible other programs can use it while the game is not in the 3DS.
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Thanks! :)
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More specifically, save data goes to the game cartridge. StreePass info is stored to the system's internal memory. Extra data (meaning things like game replays or downloaded content) is stored on the SD card.
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Game saves are saved to the gamecart. Streetpass stuff is saved to the system. And extra data is saved to the sd card.