3rd Party Gamecube Controllers

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#1 Posted by Emulatorman (476 posts) -

Well i got a wii and ive been meaning to try out some gamecube games like SSBM. I've been looking on ebay for games and controllers and often see something like this

has anyone tried these controllers before? for every system i've owned so far i've had a 3rd party controller and they usually end up going bad after a while with either loose buttons or some piece falls off or somethin so im generally weary of 3rd party products.

any information would be nice, thx

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#2 Posted by ZinkOxide (633 posts) -
I've had a Mad Catz for like 4.5 years.  I really like it, it fits my hand well, but I understand others have had problems with wear and tear.  It depends- often you can find a 3rd party one that's more customized to your grip and hand, but it might wear out faster.  Up to you.
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#3 Posted by mkfalcon2007 (931 posts) -

just buy first party official controllers from nintendo.  i bought a mad catz gc before, worked for a while..but after some games, the joy sticks was always out of the neutral position..so hwhen i started playing the controls would be messed and i had to reset the controller each time (x+y+start).   since they came out, ive had 2 wave birds - one fell down the stairs....but they both work likea charm.  and 2 regular nintendo controllers, niether with any problems.  sure they may be 10, 15$ more...but hey, they last!

about the controllers in ur picture, they look alot like the real gc ones...but hey thgird party = cheaper materials, lower quality in most cases....u wanna risk that? 

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#4 Posted by Keenzach (1210 posts) -

those look like first party controlersbut i have one thing to say,do not get a mad catz controller they are horrible and extremley touchy controlls

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#5 Posted by darthblob10 (2236 posts) -

get the 1st party ones. those other ones arnt as good

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#6 Posted by Keenzach (1210 posts) -
dude ur avatar is awesome "botha" lol idk if u will see this but i just wanted to congrajulate u on ur awesome avatar
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#7 Posted by Emulatorman (476 posts) -
guess ill go with the officials then thx
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#9 Posted by mariokart64fan (20688 posts) -
dont get madcats,  controller or pelican i had so many mad cats joysticks go out of neutral position  and i unplug it or press xyb and start and they still did not work after a day get first party they should be real cheap now
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#10 Posted by stilfro (372 posts) -
Almost as lame as buying a 3rd party Wii Remote. Don't bother, Nintendo knows what they're doing.
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#11 Posted by meimnobody (5565 posts) -
Note a third party gamecube controller can have a really short cord. I had to buy an extender because the cord was just three feet long.
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#12 Posted by Emulatorman (476 posts) -
i found some reviews on this particular brand of 3rd party, they look just like the originals but the reviews clearly state they are extremely sub-par so im definitely going to look for some original nintendo made controllers. just won the auction for Super Smash Bros Melee :D
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#13 Posted by NintendoGuy128 (25 posts) -
Had at least three 3rd party GC controllers and they all wore out in less than a year. Lesson learned: Always buy the real deal. (Unless its for memory cardds)
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#14 Posted by pikaby (12720 posts) -

If you're going to get a 3rd party GC pad, never use it for SSBM (I've had three analog sticks just literally snap and rendered useless). Only the official ones can withstand the abuse. ;)

EDIT: If you can't find an original GC pad, find the white ones Nintendo made for Wii. They have longer cords too.

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#15 Posted by SaintJimmmy (2815 posts) -
Like everyone has said get a 1st party its worth, most of the 3rd party controllers are pretty poorly made i've only gotten lucky with a couple.
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#16 Posted by ZumaJones07 (16458 posts) -
I say don't bother and try your best to find a wavebird controller. Try Craigslist.
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#17 Posted by Jamiemydearx3 (4062 posts) -

1st party usually last longer, but the joint sticks always get messed up some how.

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#18 Posted by Angry_Beaver (4883 posts) -

I bought two third party controllers. At least one of them was screwing up stick inputs, and one or both had buttons that became semi-functional. I opened up both of them to see what I could do, and I managed (though I have no idea how) to make one of them work fine except for the d-pad.

Do not buy third party GC controllers. They might be really cheap, but the quality is more than spotty.