3DS Successor, what res screen will it be (your opinion)

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I'm guessing Nintendo will release a 3DS successor sometime in 2015-2017, giving the 3DS a good 4-6 year lifespan. The 3DS's current screen is 800x240 3D, essentially 400x240. Let's say they drop 3D for their next handheld and don't make the much fabled handheld/console hybrid, just a new console and a new handheld, what resolution screen do you think it will have? Or screens?

Personally I'm hoping for a fold-able (so it can be clamshell) 800x480 screen. I honestly doubt Nintendo goes over 480p for their next handheld no matter what. The 3DS released at 240p in 2011 after the DS released at 256x192 in 2004, so Nintendo makes very small leaps in resolution between gens. Honestly there is a good chance we get stuck with 480x320 or 640x360. I'm serious, Nintendo would totally pull that in 2016 I bet.

So whenever the 3DS's successor comes out, let's say 2017 at the latest, what resolution do you think the screen(s) will be?

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Hopefully A single touchscreen like the vita, and a quarter HD just like Vita (960x540) and they could use that for off screen play with their next home console... like vita already does with Ps4.

Basically just copy the Vita's template and the support will come regardless like it always does to Nintendo's handhelds. I haven't had a handheld I loved since the GBA so I hope Nintendo can ditch the gimmicks and have a solid piece of hardware coming, with good form factor instead of the square crap DS's have been.

How it's been since the DS - Sony gets the hardware right, Nintendo gets the games.

Hopes and logic aside, you can never predict Nintendo... 360p triple screened triangle shaped VR handheld incoming?!

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I don't really understand. People always say Nintendo pushes gimmicks like that's a dirty word. I know this isn't system wars but everything has a gimmick. The Vita's gimmick is it can play console-like games and stream console games. That's a gimmick, a main hook, marketing angle, etc.

Now Nintendo typically makes their "gimmicks" into things that actually translate into gameplay. The 3D screen hasn't taken off a lot but games like Mutant Mudds, Pushmo, Mario 3D Land are better with it even if it doesn't change everything.

The DS also brought touch screens to gaming when no one else wanted to try them in such a big way, pushing forward visual novels, surgery simulators, and other wacky games that were made for the DS's touch screen.

Of course the 3DS's 3D screen, the DS's touch screen, and the Wii Remote are all "gimmicks" per say but I wouldn't use that in a bad way. Same way the N64's analog stick was a "gimmick" since it was (at launch in 1996 at least) a unique way to experience games that was new.

Sorry that's just something that always bothers me when people say "I wish Nintendo would stop using gimmicks". You have to have a gimmick, something that makes you YOU. Its like imagining The Rock without the eyebrow, the elbow, and his catchphrases!

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Get rid of 3d or at least find a way to enchance it. Better button layouts - might need 2 analog nubs instead of circle pad pro.

@bonesawisready5 The Rock without the eyebrow, the elbow, and his catchphrases is just a rock. And yeah, Nintendo should go HD. They always join in too late in terms of visual advancements.

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@gba1989: I really don't think their handheld should be HD. 800x480 is fine by me. If they go 1280x720 (960x540 isn't HD to me but I suppose its nice) then they'd raise development costs a lot. They've got to keep costs down in the 2-5 million dollar game range

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I like the way it is right now, probably get rid of 3d ya

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720p minimum. Most likely 900p is my guess.

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854x400, like the Wii U gamepad. Or perhaps they could put the absolute "graphics don't matter" theory to the test and lower the resolution. ^^