2 Wii's stopped working in one day

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OK so something weird happened today. My dad called me becayse he needed help because his Wii wasn't working today. I told him I would come look at it. Anyway on the way out of my house I noticed my Wii didn't have the typical yellow stand-by light illuminated and my attached wii-mote charger was also not lit up like usual. I investigated and was unable to got my Wii to turn on. I unplugged and re plugged and changed outlets and everything. So then I went to my parents and same deal with theirs... it just stopped working. No matter where it is plugged in and such. We live in western Washington state and last night there was a lighning storm. We both have our wiis on power strips, and no other electronics seem to be affected. Anyone else ever have a similar problem after a storm... are they very succeptible to surges? Does anyone else have any suggestions.. please help... I really don't want to have to replace my wii and neither does my family want to replace theirs.
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huh ... the storm did nothing to mine, but it also wasn't very severe over here (just some thunder in the morning). If you live in the same area as your parents it could have been the lightning because I heard it was pretty bad in some parts such as Northgate.
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I live about five miles from my parents. I just think its strange that no other electronics were affected.
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That's just a feature the Wii has. Try unplugging the power cord from the Wii side and leave it unplugged for several minutes, then plug it back in. It should work.
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Just send it into Nintendo. They do repairs for free :).
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Yeah ... I went to Nintendo.com and used their trouble shooting. To reset I had to keep it unplugged for a minute and a half. I guess I didn't have it unplugged that long even when I was moving from outlet to outlet. So my parents is working now and hopefully when I get home mine will reset the same way. Thanks for your help everyone. I was a little freaked out there for a little bit.