(PC) Why 30 FPS isn't (that) Bad.

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It doesn't make sense to me that this game and Battlefield 4 run on the same game engine, but Rivals is capped at 30 fps and I can achieve 80+ fps on Battlefield 4. However, I would say a good chunk of PC gamers that play racing games use a controller or a wheel. Playing NFS Rivals at 30 fps definitely limits the potential of the game, but it is still VERY playable. I've tested in numerous games that using an Xbox 360 controller over keyboard and mouse is more playable at 30 fps. With that said, if you were to play this game, and force V-Sync, you will be capped at 30 fps and still have a pretty enjoyable experience. I could definitely play through the whole game like this. Of course, 60 fps would make the game better but don't let the 30 fps hold you back from getting the game. USE A CONTROLLER! :)



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+ Motherboard: ASRock 970 Extreme3

+ Graphics Card: nVidia GTX 770 EVGA SC ACX

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+ Mouse Pad: Razer Goliathus SE

+ Headset: Logitech G430

+ Display: Acer 24"

+ Power Supply: Ultra LSP 750w

+ Case: PowerUp! G54-40840 XL

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@zefphex: This wasn't meant to be a question lol.

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1. You should only check the question option if it's something you're asking.

2. Using -GameTime.MaxSimFps ## -GameTime.ForceSimRate ##+ after the shortcut target path removes the 30 FPS cap. Just set ## to whatever FPS your rig can Handle. I use 40 with my 7970 OC

3. DICE made the Frostbite engine, so naturally there's going to be a far better chance anything they build with it will have better optimization than something made by a team like Ghost Games, whom have never used it before.

4. What you're experiencing with the controller is not the device itself being superior, it's the fact that the analog sticks on the gamepad are speed limited (response wise), and therefore less demanding. The tradeoff is it's harder to dodge traffic and such. I have gold medaled every event on my first (Racer) run through, and am well on my way to doing the same with the Patrol campaign, and I'm using a keyboard. In fact I was only .1 sec off getting gold on one of the hardest Rapid Responses with a car well below the fastest ones in the game, and had I not barely nicked a guard rail in a turn from braking too late, I'd have done it even with that car.