Ending the silence...

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Who's still playing? Nostalgia and firewalls are a dangerous combination.

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A really awesome game, unfortunately mostly forgotten nowadays. I guess only the ones struck by nostalgia still remember it and play it. Anyway, it was good back in 1998 and still is today IMO.

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This game didn't catch on and looking back it's not hard to see why. To be honest, i liked it back in the day but now its shortcomings are not hard to put your finger on.

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Granted, this game could have been much better but it is still fun to play. It was a pretty awesome concept but it just didn't catch on unfortunately.

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This game is just endless fun. Not your typical racing game, not a simulator but rather a super fun game to just relax. I really like the graphics. The game still looks good even though it is quite old. I would give it a 7.5 out of 10.