Wifi not working on iPhone 4S

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Hey guys, I'm currently having problems with my iPhone 4S's wifi. When I turn it on, it doesn't find any networks even though I'm positive my wifi works (since I'm using it on my laptop). It can't be my network because it doesn't find my neighbour's wifi either. After Googling around, all the advice I found was to turn wifi on and off and reset my network settings, both of which I had previously tried and they failed to do anything.

For some reason, I find that if I turn off my phone then turn it on, it finds my wifi connection and says it's connected but as soon as I try to load something, it disconnects.

Help is appreciated, thank you! :)

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Mine was having a similar issue. After a few times of turning it on and off, it got over it. If that doesn't help I recommend taking it up with Apple.