What IOS games are you playing?

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Hey, guys, I'm playing Order&Chaos: Duel, Clash of Clans, and Minion Rush on Iphone 5; among which my favorite is Order&Chaos: Duel.

How about you? What are you playing? And which one is favorite?

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I didn't play IOS games because i didn't own one X_X ,but i know a few great games, such as XCOM, Modern Combat, and GTA III... but you should try Real Racing 3, i like that game! *Sorry for my bad english :D

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@zipassassin: If you want to you can check out my new game right here :)


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I played a lot of XCOM and KOTOR on my iPad. I sold it ahead of the iPad 5 (Air) launch but haven't picked up an Air yet. Haven't played a lot on my iPhone 5 lately.

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The Room, and The Lost City are probably the ios games i spent the most time on. Playing Epoch 2 at the moment

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Currently playing SongPop, MoviePop, Castleville Legends, and Marvel Puzzle Quest on my iPod Touch 5. Oh , and every so often an enhanced Bejeweled which has more than just the classic game.

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Battle nations.

A very frustrating waiting game, but it's had me playing for a long time.

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Still playing Simpsons Tapped Out, was also playing Tiny DeathStar till they screwed it up with the last update. I've just downloaded Heroes of Dragon Age which seems interesting, so gonna give that a try.

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Hey everyone! I have recently released my new game called Tantrum 2d. Tantrum 2d is a 2d mobile and computer plat-former that includes over 6 monsters and 10 levels. Please download it! I am sure you will love i!

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Regardless of the platform, MOBA games are always my favorite. I really appreciate AppsGoer could make this great list of MOBA games on iOS. http://www.appsgoer.com/2013/12/24/top-ios-moba-games-released-in-2013/

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Hello Everyone,

I am playing family tree iOS game.

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I'm playing Undersky: The Eternal Saga Plants vs Zombies 2 Sheep Happens

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Hey, MOBA games are always my favorites. And this new MOBA Fate Forever is best ever on iPad. Review down here. http://www.appsgoer.com/2013/12/31/fates-forever-review-best-moba-on-mobile/