Used iPhone 5 with bad IMEI/ESN - Okay as an iPod?

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My niece has been wanting to get a iPod Touch 5th gen, but has recently opened up to the idea of getting a iPhone 5 (not 5s) for around the same price used. From what I'm seeing, a lot of the ones on eBay around that price have bad IMEIs and ESNs. Would this affect using it as an iPod Touch (only using wi-fi for all the stuff and not actually connecting it to a data plan/carrier)?

Actually, is that even possible?

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An Iphone with a Bad IMEI/ESN can be used for all the purposes an Ipod touch can except it won't make any phone calls. Note however that if the phone isn't activated when you receive it you may not be able to use it at all. I know Verizon phones need to be activated Via Itunes and they won't activate with a bad ESN. GSM Phones should activate fine but again, you can't use any of the phone portion.