The Gravity - Brand new logical game

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Game: The Gravity

Version: 1.0

Technical requirements: Android 2.2+, iOS

Category: Puzzles

Colorful puzzle with a philosophical undertone. This is a short characteristic of another release by 4ilab team. The only things required from you are sleight of hands, or rather –fingers, and high self-esteem. Of course! You are to control the flows of rapid rivers and burning lava! To know how it is difficult to be the God in all pixels’ glory will help The Gravity.

Players are offered to solve a multilevel task with cubes. If you are fond of humanities, do not worry. Except the 3D-cubes there are no more hints on the math. Even time, you spend to complete one level is unimportant. Only if you want to set your personal record. As you will likely often click on the display shortcut. Fortunately, there are more than enough boring moments in life. Uninteresting lecture on your studies, boring long drawn meeting at your work, a bus, which ignores the timetable… So, The Gravity – is a good finding for not the most interesting minutes of your days.

But be careful! The puzzle absorbs your mind, breaking the all workday to-do list. At first all is simple. You choose close to you element – fire or water. Than begins the first tour, in which, like in the next tours, you are to create a water or fire-spitting channel from separate pieces. Fragments are located at the sides of the cubes, which you have possibility to rotate. Multiply 6 by 6 – in total 36 variants are possible on the start and much more on the finish. There is something to work on! Scheduled report? You may prepare it tomorrow. As well as labs by probability theory.

Fans of various labyrinths, logical puzzles, etc. will highly appreciate this game. Nothing new, as it seems to be. But how good the graphics are! Picture and sound – are also at the appropriate level.

What level you have reached already?


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Good game ! Had a lot of fun !

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Good news! New versio of The Gravity is out now! More levels and fixed bugs!


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that looks nice, i'll give it a try, thanks for sharing

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Very nice thank you

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Cool! I don't regret downloading this game )

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Attention! The Gravity 1.2 version is available on the App Store now! New content, levels, interface and much more. Try out!

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Tried it out and do not regret ) Playing in new version now even more interesting

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Available on the Google Play now !

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Please, don't forget to leave your rates and comments on the App Store / Google Play Store and in our facebook page - !

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Awesome game! The graphic employed therein is just mind blowing and it makes playing this game a real pleasure. Moreover, ‘The Gravity’ has a pretty original concept and physics employed surely give it an edge on other games of the same genre. Something to try without doubts!

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Glad to hear this ! Thanks