Sony Xperia Arc - Opinions?

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#1 Posted by darkmask1991 (817 posts) -

Im shopping for a new phone, and where I live the Samsung Galaxy S and SE Xperia Arc are with the same pricetag, but since the Arc will have official ICS, I´m going for it.

How´s performance? Whats the phone´s common problems I should be aware of? Do you recommend me this phone?

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#2 Posted by unrealtron (3148 posts) -

The Sony Xperia Arc is great. Go for it.

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#3 Posted by UssjTrunks (10732 posts) -
It's a beautiful phone. The hardware is last-generation, but so is the Galaxy S. I say get the Arc.
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#4 Posted by Gambler_3 (7736 posts) -

I just got the nexus S and it really is better than xperia arc in everything other than camera.

The design of the arc is very good but it cracks after a few months so be aware of that.

And the low internal memory of the arc is a real nuisance you dont wanna deal with in my opinion.