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First of all, this is my first time writing a game review and I am not a native English speaker, so please do excuse my English. I am a big fan of Music Rhythm game myself, and played quite a few arcade games like Dance Dance Revolution, Beatmania, Dj Max...etc for the past years.  ^ Khaos Main Menu Khaos is a Music Rhythm game very similar to Dj Max and Cytus. The game is developed by FUNKIT studio with a group of 4 members.  ^ Storyboard The game story begins with pixie creatures living in a musical kingdom, and the kingdom is heavily rely on the energy source generated from the music tower operated by the royal family...  ^ Music Selection The current released Lite version includes 3 playable songs with 3 difficulties each. Easy, Hard, and Khaos Khaos Level will be quite challenging for most players IMO. Based from my counting, it looks like there will be at least 10 songs when the full game comes out.  ^ Tutorial within the game There are 4 music key variations: Standard, Hold, Multiple Tap, and Reverse Multiple Tap The first 3 types are very common to all the music games in the market, and here they introduce the Reverse Multiple Tap key which is basically the reverse version of Multiple Tap key. Although it sounds quite simple...but it is actually quite tricky when the charts is combined with all the key variations in Khaos Mode.  ^ Result Screen After complete a song, a Result Screen will pop out and a certain amount of diamonds will be awarded based on how you played. The diamonds are use to unlock future songs/difficulties only.  ^ Actual in-game screen shots Overall, I enjoyed playing the game a lot, especially when played on a tablet. Most of the time, I prefer to position the screen as portrait instead of horizontal. The songs Khaos featured are not as good compared to those big companies like Konami, but I still do happen to like some of the songs. And since this is a Tablet/Mobile game, I am satisfy with what Khaos has offered so far. The game seems to lag occasionally when I played on my mobile device (HTC Sensation), however they do stated that the game does require a minimum CPU of 1.5GHz dual core to run smoothly from the game description. By turning Quality Animation off from the option menu does reduce the lag occurrence for me.  ^ Khaos Personally, I would give this app a rating of 8/10 And I hope Khaos can feature more song choices (at least 15+) for the full version. I strongly recommend to all the people who enjoy playing Music Rhythm game as I do to give it a try. Khaos Google Play Link Finally, thank you for your time on reading my review.