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Hey guys, here's a game I found interesting called Devil Hunters. You can download it from App Store in Australia. Let's enjoy it!

Hack and slash evil demons—sending them back to the hell from whence they came! Free to play!

It's the exciting action-packed online game made by Unity 3D where you explore massive dungeons. The background is western magical style which may be more suitable in international market. This game vastly emphasizes on the fighting experinces through dungeons and PVP.

In this addictive RPG, you play the role of a fierce Devil Hunter saving the world from the dominance of Senunos, a wicked demon king of godlike power.


Long ago, Gaia was a land of pious people and the deities they worshiped. Empires came and went, and one day a young lord, The Lionhearted, once again united the whole realm. As emperor,

The Lionhearted grew greedy and obsessed with keeping power. Desperate and mad, The Lionhearted summoned forth the great devil Senunos through a mass bloody sacrifice of his people.

Once Senunos appeared, though, he killed the gods of the land, took over their temples, and destroyed The Lionhearted. Now, the whole world is under the control of the demon lord . . .

The Warrior: Vicious and fearless, the Warrior is eager to use his mighty sword to hack down his foes. After the Warrior masters the basic attack, he can accumulate strength for the sword attack and cause multi-section damage.

The Assassin: A shadowy loner, the Assassin loves to wield her knife to quickly strike her enemies critical points with deadly precision. She excels in body-skills and combination attacks. After hitting the enemy with the third basic attack, she can immediately transition into kicking the surrounding enemies.

Youtube: http://youtu.be/LD2QZav9Ako

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Devilhunters.Gamecomb

Website: http://www.devilhunters.gamecomb.com

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Fashion Show Episode 2 - Assassin for you guys in advance~

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