New iPhone Game: BoxPop - Le Sorcier has arrived!

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Hi Guys, I'd like to present our new game BoxPop: YouTube : Destroy boxes steampunk-style as you embark on a crazy adventure, challenging Le Sorcier and his henchmen in this original new epic pirate-steampunk game from Magic Beans Gaming! This one button physics game is easy to play but difficult to master! You've ended up shipwrecked on a strange island as you chased after the notorious pirate Le Sorcier. Don't be fooled by anything though as it's probably a trap - this island has his evil signature written all over it! Use your deck of cards to destroy boxes, completing various tasks and defeating your enemies by destroying more boxes than they do! *** FEATURES *** - One button physics game - swipe the cards to destroy the max number of matching boxes. - Deck of weapon cards: 6 levels of weapons, improve your score to level up! - Original cartoon steampunk graphics. - 8 different enemies, fully animated and with its own AI. - Two game modes: * Campaign - find and beat Le Sorcier in a map of 8 stages including underwater levels! * Arcade: Infinitum levels - fighting enemies and beating the clock to get the maximum score! AppStore: