New iOS game Muon|Blast [3Dshmup,metal,breakbeat,audiosynch]

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Hi guys,

I just published my first iOS game: Muon|Blast. It's a little bit like a poor man's version of Rez. ;-)

It's mostly a 3d shoot 'em up where you have to avoid obstacles, shoot enemies, fight against time and manage your energy ... all while listening to an aberrant mix of dance, metal and breakbeat music, with real-time randomly rearranging beats and musically quantized sound effects.

Sounds like chaos? Well it is.

Give it a try, it's free.



For those of you who value this kind of things: this was an experiment to see where I could get by doing everything alone. I wrote all the code from scratch, no engines, no frameworks, no libraries, no third party code. I produced the music, recorded guitars, created all assets ... everything. And yes I know, it shows... :-)