New game: FOREST DEFENDERS (by Naetib indie studio)

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Forest Defenders is a 3D Tower Defense game based on an untold story:


Once upon a time, on a barren planet, a huge asteroid fell from the sky, exploded and then pieces of magic crystal covered the ground. After that, at the place where the asteroid exploded, a strange giant tree appeared and grew up, became the MotherTree. That tree used the energy of the crystal, spread life to whole the planet. Not only that, the tree also bringed magical power to species, and transformed them into magical Elves. The land around the MotherTree, where the most energy was concentrated, grew up a lively forest, the Lucy forest, with the most powerful Elves lived there.After a long time, human appeared, they created kingdoms, they used crystals to serve their life, they made wars to each other to scramble this powers.Next to Lucy forest is the kingdom of Apotan, ruled by the Greedy King. By the inciting of the evil wizard, the King of Apotan ordered his soldiers to come to Lucy forest, forced to rob the ancient tree, in order to control the great power of the crystal.Now, the Forest Elves must unite to protect the MotherTree, against the legion of greedy humans who want to plunder the forest's life force and the green of the land.


Forest Defenders is a 3D Tower Defense game. You have to use your intelligence to choose right Elf defenders and put them in right place to prevent enemy reach to the MotherTree.Each defender has 3 levels. Crystals are used to create and upgrade defenders. Each destroyed enemy soldier will leaves crystals. Unused defenders can be hided and they also leaves crystals then. You can also buff trees around to move them to outside of map and at some places, they can also transform to a new defender.Enjoy the game!

Creator: Naetib indie game studio





I hope to listen all your feedback, thanks!