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Play and develop your abstract thinking. Learn to look at the problem from a new angle. Find a solution that no one has yet come up with! Rules of the game are quite simple and you will learn them quick. Still this ain’t as easy as it looks? This is a challenge. To complete all levels you will have to work hard. You'll need all your knowledge.


• You need to lead a ball from start to finish. Mix balls, divide and merge them together on the way to victory.

• Define the path to the finish yourself.

• The game does not track the time spent on finishing the level. Still the overall score is calculated.

• The most important goal of the game is to find the shortest path for the ball to the finish line.

You'll need a quick wit, intelligence and lateral thinking in this game! The first few puzzles are quite simple, you will need them only for better absorption of the play mechanism. Further on the difficulty increases. Each new level you will need to solve more complicated problems. You will need to come with new original moves and keep track record of your previous good solutions.

• Refined and sophisticated game mechanics

• Gradually increasing levels of difficulty

• 120 puzzles

• Hundreds of various options to solve puzzles

• Retina Display Support

• Stunning visual effects

• Game Center support

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Do you like the game? :)