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So this has been one of the heated discussions around. I even found a rant in Reddit about the hate around it. I'm sure there are those who hate mobile esports in the esports community, but not a lot from what I'm seeing. With the rise of Mobile Games, Mobile Esports is right up there too. Sure not everyone is as excited with CR Leagues than TI, but CR has a solid and growing fanbase that you just can't ignore anymore.

Whether or not someone hates Mobile Esports, doesn't change the fact that it's growing.

It's just like how the world didn't take esports seriously, and yet here we are now. Esports is so big that the Olympics needs them, and not the other way around.

Tournaments like the World Cyber Games who features more than 1 mobile game (Clash Royale & Honor of Kings), and even had Clash Royale for their Invitational is probably just the start of how mobile esports will put a solid foot down in the esports world.

Let's just hope more mobile games are featured in multiple esports tournaments like WCG and WESG in the future.