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Hi everybody!

If you like puzzle challenges with numbers you might like this app available on the App Store for your iPhone/iPad/iPod and Google Play for your Android device.

Try it and have fun!

Android Version:

iOS Version:

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I guess this would be good for kids learning math :)

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Yeah, looks like a good game for learning och bilding up your strength in math. I used to play Traindepot but now I'm on the just released game JellyNoPuzzle on Android. I'm on level 35 now... soooo hard.

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Nice app and this is helpful for learning kids.

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This game actually makes me hate maths even more! Am not sure if it’s the whole gameplay or the included microtransactions, but this game is an absolute no-no to me. Math Paths doesn’t seem to have much of a success on the download stores anyway! Makes you wonder what can actually be wrong with it?

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@Davidwilliam06: I know it can't be a game for everybody, I wouldn't expect that. If you don't liked math before, then you shouldn't play this game at all! Unless you want to increase your math fitness. Regarding to the downloads, we haven't spent money on advertising so we are getting lower downloads per day. Plus, the game is recently became online so we cannot expect thousands of downloads - maybe one day we reach more people :) I appreciate your comment but I can't figure out what's "wrong" with the game, maybe nothing?

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i like to play this game

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Sounds like a good app. Please post it in the sticky so people can better find it.