Malware an exclusive Android feature in 2013

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No surprises, simply another reinforcement of undeniable truths.

Attackers continue to target Android more than any other mobile operating system, according to a new report released Tuesday, as Google's platform played host to all but one of the new mobile malware families discovered last year.

Microsoft's Windows Phone was the subject of the lone non-Android malware discovery, while Apple's iOS escaped the year unscathed. The data was revealed by Symantec as part of the company's annual internet security threat report.

"The attraction of the mobile environment to attackers is clearly based on the size and growth rate of the user base today," the report reads. "Yet it's also based on the amount of personal information that's easily attainable once an attacker is on the device. With the right permissions the device's phone number, GPS coordinates, camera, and other information become readily available."

Credit AppleInsider

The full report is in the link. The walled garden looks more and more like Eden every day, though there are those out there who would try to convince you it's a prison (foolishly so). Embrace the truth -- the truth will set you free!

It's so easy being honest.

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'Fake' Android antivirus app developer says Virus Shield was a 'foolish mistake'


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That's what happens when you're on top, people try to knock you off.

So glad I'm not gullible for these kinds of apps, a simple google or review search can tell you everything you need to know.

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The truth hurts sadly! But it’s indeed time to get real and face the facts. Android is slowly but surely condemning its users and realising this now can only save many from the stress of having to deal with a hacked device. Another great example can be that of latest apps launches? Most are actually on iOSexclusively and game developers are surely not fools… are they?!

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Millions of android devices vulnerable to heartbleed bug

Credit Bloomberg

Doesn't matter how smart you are as a consumer, can't avoid that.

Apple and iOS devices and services unaffected.

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As if it couldn't get worse --

Malware Authors Target android

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Well then, good thing I switched to Windows Phone, for such a small market, they can't be that easy to target. Then again, it goes to show you that nothing is safe when having a pocket size computer with you 24hrs.