Is your phone enough?

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[QUOTE="me2002"]No, I want 1080p "HTC DROID DNA" cus its 1080P!adamosmaki
that phone is great and all but HTC made a huge mistake that make this phone a failure It comes only with 16gb memory of which only 11gb are usable and no MicroSd slot Really HTC? you put a great phone with one of the best screens ( if not the best ) a great cpu/gpu and only 11gb ? No wonder their market share is falling

To me, the biggest flaw is the battery. I could deal with the lack of memory if I just streamed stuff, but the battery is so bad that it just wasnt worth it. I almost bought it because you really don't realize how great the screen is until you see it in person, and I was blown away, but then I remembered the atrocious battery and said nahhh.

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I like my GS3 a lot, but the screen is dimmer than my GS1. Haven't had any problems with performance outside of issues that come with using a nightly rom though.