Is the Galaxy Note 3 too big?

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#1 Posted by wubikro (54 posts) -

Do you think it'll be able to fit in a person's pocket? Or will it be too large for that?

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#2 Posted by kraken2109 (13271 posts) -

Depends on the pocket.

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#3 Posted by mjc (12708 posts) -

Probably not this one.


But you may have more luck with pockets in your jeans, pants and jackets. Go try before you buy to be sure though!

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It is actually something in between a tablet and a mobile, you would seriously not expect it to fit in your pocket! It has a 5.7-inch screen and weighs about 5.9Oz and that is definitely something I would not like to have in my pocket.:roll: You might crack the device trying to fit it in your pocket and it will surely not be comfortable for yourself.:D

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#5 Posted by ZEYAAM898 (1921 posts) -

Its actually a bit taller but lesser in width when compared to Galaxy Note 2. It's also lighter and slimmer.

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#6 Posted by mystic_knight (13801 posts) -

I played and held with my mates galaxy note 3 and i find it way too large for an everyday phone.

i think its still better to get a normal sized phone and a tablet.

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For the average consumer yes. It'll fit in jeans just fine as long as you're not rockin' Justin Bieber pants, or your sister's jeans.

Putting a case on it might chance that though