iPod Touch won't power on?

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Not sure where else I could post this here, so:

My iPod Touch (2nd generation, 8gb) will not turn on. It has absolutely no response to anything. I've tried the power button at the top, the home button, both buttons at once, and also plugging it into an outlet charger and a computer. No response.

I cannot figure out why it won't work. I was using it last night with no problems, and remember it being almost fully charged. This morning, it won't turn on. It didn't move from where I left it last night. There was a glass of water near it, but it wasn't wet and nothing around it showed signs of getting wet. Unless I did something in my sleep, I can't identify any problems there. It's 3 years old, so perhaps the time is up, but a sibling's exact same iPod version is still working fine. I'm not sure what to do.

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try holding both buttons for ten seconds. Then release the wake sleep. I have a feeling your ipod is on but in DFU mode. It is is on but not in DFU mode this will put it into DFU mode. Then you can hold both the top and home button for a decent amount of time aound 20-30 seconds to force the device to power off exiting DFU mode. Then start it normally. hopefully this works.

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I've tried multiple times and got nothing. Thanks, though.