Help with level 33 of Letris 3

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I'm having one hell of a time figuring this game out. I've tried reading instructions. How do u break bricks of level 33??

I cannot get past level 33 on the breaking bricks. I'm about to give up on the game cuz I can't figure it out. I have read & read about it. I'm obviously missing something.

Thank you!

The game is this one:

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I've just signed up to reply you.

It's one of my favorite games. I've finished all 260 levels week ago :-)

As you can see the two rocks are surrounded by "strong letters". So, first of all you need to destroy this letters and then destroy the rocks.

To destroy this "strong letters" you've to create lasers tiles. Take a look on the help or play the tutorial again to learn how to generate them. Let me know if you don't undesrtand the help.

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Really thanks!

Finally i cleared the level but not entirely understand how lasers work.

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You're welcome!

It's Christmas… So… I've just made a little showing how to generate the different types of lasers :D (

Loading Video...

In the second 1 I'm generating a horizontal laser. The horizontal laser is generated when you finish the construction of the word horizontally.

In the second 24 you can se the generation of diagonal laser. The diagonal laser was generated because I've finished the word in diagonal (keep attention on the move from the letter M to S).

And finally in the second 52 I'm generating a vertical laser because I've finished the word vertically.

So depending on the level you'll need to generate vertical, horizontal or diagonal lasers. From my experience you'll have enough with horizontal and vertical lasers.

Hope this helps you ;-)