Help... New and drowning in the prepaid smartphone thing.

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Okay, so I'm searching but there's 20 million options out there and I have a VERY limited window.

- I'm dirt poor. So, the "per month" plans are efficient, but unless I can use Paypal/BillMeLater to pay the bill, I can't do it. I have to use that, or my Best Buy card to buy minutes cards as I'm able to for my Tracfone (Samsung s425g) currently.

- I'm in Maine. US Cellular has great service here. Everyone else seems to have crap service. I've tried AT&T and T-Mobile and both of them are very spotty, at best. =( But I don't think US Cellular makes SIM cards for Tracfones.

- It'd be nice to move into the 21st century and try out some sort of the smartphones. Is the new tracfone smartphone ACTUALLY good?

I don't know what to look for. I don't know what I need to know or what's best for me. I'm completely overwhelmed. I do know that it needs to be less than about $120'ish and buyable on Best (with my handy-dandy card). And then if it takes minutes, I can get those with my BillMeLater account. I don't have as much credit on that as on the Best Buy account so can't buy the phone with that.

Any questions, ask me.