Help me with my Xperia U

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A little while ago I downgraded my XPERIA U to Android Version 2.3.7 , because it'd been malfunctioning with 4.0.4.

Ever since I downgraded it, my PC has lost the ability to recognize the phone's memory.When I connect the phone to PC through USB cable, at the moment of plugging , Sony PC Companion shows a little box at the bottom right corner of the screen , giving the message "Wait for the device to get connected" ,

soon after it says "My Sony XPERIA U (ST25) is connected" , but once I click on Launch Sony PC Companion , it shows the connection error with the 4-step guide.

I followed the guide but that didn't do any good.

Any tips, anyone?

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74 visits since the day before yesterday.Not a single goddamn reply.Thank you guys for caring so much.

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sorry, bro. it's just, because we don't know anything, try posting on other android forum, not GAMEspot.