Harvest Moon like game for ios?

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Does anyone know if there is or will be anytime soon be a Harvest Moon like or a Harvest Moon game on the app store?

I loved the one for the SNES and would like to see something close to that.

I know theres that harvest moon puzzle game and that space farm one too but they both didnt appeal very much to me.

Any recommendations?

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Gameloft has some sort of farming game. I didnt played it, I just saw a intro at one of the pop ups. I believe I saw animals and tractors there, so should be close to Harvest Moon, if not the same. Gameloft usually just copies succesfull games and makes them their own: Gangstar series/Urban Crime - GTA series, Six Guns - Dont know the exact name of the game but its a western from Rockstar games, Asphalt series - Need for Speed series, and so on.. Here are some titles you may like: The Oregon Trail - American SettlerGreen FarmGreen Farm 2

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I've been enjoying Magic Tree for a bit. It's not a complete Harvest Moon-type game -- more Harvest Moon meets Cityville -- it's very endearing, and I never felt the need for IAP. It's F2P, and the social elements are easy to get into.

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Alright thanks guys for the ideas. ill have to try them both. :)

It would be cool though if natsume would just make one since yaknow, they already have that harvest moon puzzler.