Google Launches Android Design, Learn to Make Beautiful Android Apps

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Google is revolutionizing the OS. Never before have you seen a company willing to teach developers how to make beautiful apps, creating a more consistent experience in an open way.

Welcome to Android Design. Your place to learn to design exceptional Android apps.

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#2 Posted by MackAttack77 (25 posts) -
I've been interested in creating my own apps in the past...this might be the door I was looking for!
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#3 Posted by Fandangle (3433 posts) -

Great idea

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It's about time. They should have had something like this closer to launch.
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Who better to learn how to design apps for an OS than the creators of that OS. :)

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Google once had a online service that enabled you to create apps with click-and-drag. It was called "App Inventor". The service was closed on December 31st, 2011. However, MIT is looking to relaunch it this year.