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Playmunz would like to introduce a TD game, in iOS, available now on App Store.

In Eldoron Defense, you are designated to be a new Alchemy professor of Eldoron, the great academy of magic. The principal assigns tasks to you in taking your magical apprentices to defend the school from the attacks of all the black magic. You can call on to apprentices specialized in using various elemental magic to defend enemies from accessing to the path to the Eldoron. Watch the trailer here

The highlight of the game is the elemental magic of the apprentices and enemies. You can plan on playing with the elements’ synergistic outcome in order to possibly augment your attacking power exponentially. The synergizing of elements can create the fusion and hybrid magic which can boost up your fierce attacking power.

Apprentices are the magic casters of these six elements, Fire, Water, Earth, Wood, Metal, and Arcane. Enemies are also categorized into six by the elements.

You can upgrade apprentices’ magic and have fun with the synergistic of elements in creating fusion and hybrid magic that accordingly boost up your attacking power.

Eldoron Defense is compatible with iPhone 4, iPod Touch4G, iPad mini with Retina display, iPad2 or newer.

Further information about the game including technique can be found at Playmunz Facebook <https://www.facebook.com/PlayMunz> and Eldoron Defense Website <http://eldoron.playmunz.com>.

You can click to download Eldoron Defense on App Store at <https://itunes.apple.com/app/id578185953>.