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So I upgraded from the iPhone 5 to the Galaxy S5 this week (don't get me wrong, I'm still an Apple guy at heart, I just wanted to try out something new and really like the S5's screen. I'm sure the iPhone 6 will be just as nice) and am thinking of picking up a Gear 2 Neo to compliment it.

Has anyone used the first gen Gear? Do you like it? I think I'd like it as a fitness companion, especially since it'd make it easier to track my run time just by looking at my wrist (I assume there's a stopwatch capability with the fitness stuff?)

I also think it'd be neat to be able to view messages and e-mail without having my phone right with me. For example when I'm charging my phone and go into a different room it'd be nice to know if I'm getting a message, phone call, etc. (not sure how far the bluetooth reaches though, but it sounds nice if it works like that).

I know it seems lazy to want to check messages without pulling a phone out of your pocket, but I hate pulling out my phone only to realize it was just some dumb notification like an AT&T message or something. Also I enjoy cycling so again if I'm getting a phone call while on the bike it'd be nice to know whether I need to stop and take the call or just ignore it without grabbing my phone out of my bag.

The Neo 2 doesn't have a camera, but I don't think I'd use a watch camera anyway. I just like the way it looks and think it'd be useful.

So if you have one, do you use it often? Is it worth it?