Current iphone user looking at an S4, some questions

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I have a 4s, and as a former Apple user (and lover) for many years, their products have taken a noticeable downturn in quality and I'm sick of it. Plus I want a bigger screen. Looking at getting an Galaxy S4 and have some questions about transitioning, so any feedback from someone that's jumped ship between the two would be greatly appreciated.

1) Is there a service akin to iTunes? Like a whole unified place where I can find music/movies, etc, or will I need to have individual apps for specific things (Amazon music app, Google movies)?

2) How do I transfer all of my itunes music? Isn't it in a format that's propitiatory to Apple?

3) How many apps are there compared to Apple? I hear it's just a fraction. I don't need tons. One to check my bank account (like Check), one to secure content with passwords, yada yada.

4) Is emulation possible?

5) Can I use any web browser I want? I enjoy Chrome, don't really care for Safari.

Thanks for the help.

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I just switched 2 weeks ago.

1. you can use Amazon.

2. There is a program called easy sync by samsung. It syncs up unprotected music from itunes to your phone including playlists.

3. Seems there's about the same. Basically, all the big name ones are there.

4. I don't think so.

5. Yes chrome is a godsend on this phone.

Lastly REMEMBER TO GO TO YOUR iPHONE (with your sim still installed) AND SELECT "SETTINGS" then "MESSAGES" THEN CLICK FOR "iMessage" TO TURN OFF!!!! If you don't do this everyone with an iPhone will not be able to text you because apple has this crap that correlates to its products only. It restricts your messages from "i" products to other "i" products only. Basically everyone with an iPhone will try to send messages to your old iPhone because "their" phones still believe you have an iPhone when you don't so you won't receive messages. Might as well do this now regardless so that if you ever do change phones this crap won't happen. You can't imagine the headache I had to go to to fix this error. My old iphone was dumped in water so I couldn't do this.

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Emulation is possible, there are loads of emulators on the play store.

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For the iTunes thing it depends on what format you have the music. I think the only thing that probably wont work is Apple Lossless, though I suspect that your music is mostly digital so that won't be a problem.

Also there are many emulators on Android, if you mean that. You have SNES, DosBOX, Gameboy, i think even Playstation and the sort. You also have launchers so you can "emulate" some aspects of other OS's, like iOS, Windows Phone etc.

Also you have more browsers than you can imagine, the most popular are Chrome, Dolphin HD, Opera, Firefox, and if you are willing to pay for crazy fast speeds and flawless flash support - Puffin.

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Nice, thanks guys!