Confirmation: 4G Photon Q, Future moto phones to have unlocked bootloader

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Motorola to allow bootloader unlocking from Photon Q 4G LTE onwards

ByJon Fingaswriter_rss.gifpostedJul 26th 2012 7:11PM

Motorola to allow bootloader unlocking from Photon Q onwards

Motorola's initial promise toallow unlocked bootloaderscame across to many enthusiasts as somewhat hollow: as long as there was an escape clause, carrierslike AT&TandVerizoncould clamp down and maintain the tough-to-modify status quo.RAZR-philes will be happy to know that there's a plan to cut their own chains loose, after all. Starting with thePhoton Q 4G LTE'sAugust launch, owners will have the option to unlock the bootloader of at least some devices in an official way that reportedly keeps carriers satisfied. Details of how the process works will come later; we don't know if Motorola will take a cue fromHTC's identifier tokensor try something more exotic, even if it's likely in either case to offer a big, fat disclaimer regarding the warranty. The option won't be the same as buying a phone that'sunlocked from the start, but we don't think too many custom ROM lovers will mind after knowing that one more Android manufacturer is on their side.

If youre the type that enjoys tweaking or hacking your Android smartphone or tablet, Motorolas been known to make that a pretty difficult process. Same goes for developers wanting full access to theirsmartphonesbecause Motorola locks the bootloader on all their devices. After multiple comments on the matter and promising unlocked bootloaders last year, they are finally coming.

Today Motorola made a very small and brief announcement ontheir blogthat starting with the just announced Motorola PHOTON Q4GLTEtheyll be allowing bootloaders to be unlocked. HTC and ASUS have both took similar steps after initially locking down their devices from developers, so its good to see Motorola finally coming around.

For months now weve been working closely with our developers and carrier partners to provide users a way to to unlock the bootloader on their Motorola Mobility device while keeping the networks secure and satisfying carriers requirements. And weve finally found a solution.

What we can expect is locked downdevicesthat ship to users, but Motorola will release some sort of unlock tool for those who are willing to void their warranty and unlock their device. HTC and ASUS both offer a similar tool (and the warranty disclaimer) so that is what were expecting from Motorola. Now that Google bought up Motorola Mobility and is taking over the reins, we could be seeing more moves for the better this like one coming soon.

The PHOTON Q 4GLTEwill be the first phone with this option, and Motorola stated other products will have this option too in the future. Stay tuned for more info once Moto confirms all the details.

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I have had a lot of problems with my Atrix. Random restarts, little to no updates, should be ICS by now. I dont like the way android has created a forgotten phone experience with android phones. It seems the only way to get OS updates is to buy new phones. It seems manufacturers forget about a phone a few months after release and some new phones are out. I am not a fan of motorola anymore. Still bears Sorny tho.
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This is only like the... third time they've said they'd let people unlock bootloaders.
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The problem is not android but all the junk phones out there. Buy a high-end sony HTC or Samsung and you should have a phone that works great and it should get at least one major update.