Best Smartphones of 2013

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1.) HTC One: Doesn't need much explanation. Great screen, speakers, performance. A well rounded phone for the begining of 2013 and even now. I'm also confident it prolonged HTC's demise a little.

2.) Galaxy S4: Great marketing and feature packed. The smartphone for the masses

3.) Moto X: Brought a smooth, iPhone like experience. Showed the world that Android doesn't need top of the line specs to perform great. Demonstrated that simple can be better. Reliable experience and a decent camera make this a great phone for the holidays. Android 4.4. already rolling out.

4.) Lumia 520/521: Hands down the best low end phone of 2013 and perhaps ever. Great performance, and decent features for a sub $100 unlocked handset. Great value and starter smartphone. Put WP8 on the map for the most part. And the App situation can only improve. If I were on an extreme budget or only needed the basics this would be the phone I would get.

5.) LG G2: Perhaps the most well rounded phone currently out. Great camera, screen, battery life and performance. LG can still put out a great product and are still relevant going into 2014.

6.) Galaxy Note 3: The most powerful smartphone out. Jam packed with features many will never use. S-pen improvements

7.) Nexus 5: Flagship specs at a midrange price. Pure Google experience and buttery smooth performance. Not as many compromises as the Nexus 4. Updates straight from Google. $349

8.) iPhone 5S: Nothing revolutionary but it took a solid smartphone and made it even better. One of the best cameras, imessage, and facetime make this a great phone for those with family invested in the Apple ecosystem. It's also a good phone by itself.

9.) Xperia Z1: Sony showed they had what it takes to make a decent flagship with the Xperia Z and made it even better with the Z1. Perhaps under looked but still a decent option with a great camera and processing package. The only drawback being the slightly washed out screen at an angle.

10.) Blacberry Z10: Controversial I know. After a long hiatus blackberry released a solid smartphone. It has all of the basics covered, and has been further refined by several OS updates. Can also run android apps. A good choice for any blackberry fans still out there. No matter how questionable their future may be.

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List is too long, it's not a "Best of" list if you just put down every phone that came out this year.

HTC One. Amazing screen, stunning design, great speakers. Hard to find an Android lover that didn't love this phone.

Galaxy Note 3. Another Amazing Phablet, it helps solidify the fact that nobody can compete with Samsung on the Phablet front.

Lumia 520/521. Amazing budget phone, it certainly has helped Windows Phone 8 gain market share.

Everything else felt like a disappointment. The Motorola X and especially the Iphone 5S in my opinion were huge disappointments. I know a lot of people were disappointed in the 5S although it did sell pretty well. The Moto X was just a plain disappointment and it's sold terribly as a result.