Best Action RPG Games for iPhone?

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What are some of the best action RPG games you've came across for the iPhone? I don't care if they're new or not, I just want to find some good ones and I figured that there wouldn't be a better place to ask. So, if you could give me some of your favorite RPG games just let me know. I want to find some sort of in-depth ones if possible, not just some hack/slash and you're done in 30 minutes.

I found this one game that's called EpicHearts which is pretty good, but I don't know if it's my style. It's definitely a little more on the anime side and the controls are set up kind of weird. Like, you don't move your fingers around, you have some kind of on-screen D-pad you have to operate. If anyone's interested you can check out the game here:

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EpicHearts apparently just went on sell for $0.99. That looks like a solid deal if anyone wanted to pick it up.
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Order and chaos is good
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Thanks I'll have a look :)

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Dungeon Hunter 1 and 2 are great. Pretty indepth IMO. They are hack and slash games, but I had a blast playing them, and they have a nice story. Avoid Dungeon Hunter 3 like the plague though. I think the guys at gameloft may have been high when they decided to make it an arena combat game with menu after menu to wade through. Combat in that game is superb, but there's no story at all. Just arena combat. Also take a look at Chaos Rings by Square Enix. Talk about getting a console experience on the iPhone. It's turn based, though, but it's got an indepth story as well as some seriously creative turnbased combat. Also, there's Ravensword as well. Another good one.
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Everyone in this thread needs tocheck out Bastion. Bastion probably is the best action RPG out right now. Should be a $30-$40 3DS game but it's only $5
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you should try inotia 4. its a great party game full of item grinding. there are six character classess and you can have two other party members that you can play as. its very long and the level cap is 105

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I've been totally glued to zenonia 5 latetly. I've been searching for that action rpg that had a good story, was fun to play, and had a sort of dynamic gameplay with its own type of "flair"... After playing several games on this forum, they didn't really grab me like Z5 did. I'm a level 10 mechanic so far and about to get back on. Demonsouls was a pretty fun game as well, but not as much flair as Z5....close but not quite there. It's hard to explain this "flair" I'm speaking of without playing it. But of course it's just my taste so all in all have fun guys.
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I'm absolutely hooked on an iPad (not iPhone yet as far as I know) Action RPG called Ku: Shroud of the Morrigan. I'm mad into Celtic mythology and love titles like Zelda, Chrono Trigger and Bastion and this game is somewhat similar to those titles...

The game is only 99 cent for a limited time at the mo and then it goes back to it's normal price of 3 bucks so I would recommend striking while the iron is hot, if you're thinking about getting it :)

Paddy M.

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The perfect game for you is "The Lost Chapters". Check the video:
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Dungeon Hunter 2 is the best one
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Blood Brothers RPG, Blood Battalion

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X Mutant Puzzle is a new RPG Puzzle game for iPhone and iPad :

It's free, so try it :)

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Although its not really an action RPG, I hear Star Wars KOTOR is going to be released soon on an iPhone. As of now, its an iPad exclusive. But still, I think KOTOR blows away any original cell phone RPG ever made.

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AppsGoer has a say for it. The list is awesome.

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How about this one, Glu's Eternity Warriors 3?

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are there any games similar to fable or gothic on ios?