Apple Owns the Mobile Market

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In all the ways that matter in the short term and in the long term, Apple absolutely and completely owns the mobile world. Compliments to Investors Business Daily:

Apple (AAPL) and Samsung continue to soak up all the industry's profits, McCourt says. Apple claimed 87.4% of phone earnings before interest and taxes in the fourth quarter, he said. Samsung took in 32.2% of industry profits. Because their combined earnings were higher than the industry's total earnings as a result of many vendors losing money in Q4, Apple and Samsung mathematically accounted for more than 100% of the industry's earnings.

A year ago, Apple accounted for 77.8% of mobile phone industry profits, followed by Samsung with 26.1%, McCourt said.

Credit Investors Business Daily

What else can you say? Apple is up ~10% and Samsung is up ~6%, and everyone else is... not there. In fact, if you add those two numbers together (87.4 and 32.2), you get a strange (or staggering, depending on how much you understand this) 119.6% of the industry profits. How can that be? It's above 100% because of the losses all the other players incurred during Q4 of last year.

Apple and the company that brazenly copied Apple are the only two succeeding in the marketplace in any significant way (you're welcome, Samsung, Sincerely, Apple Inc).