Any new free app today?

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Any new free app today? i hate the paid games
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not today today, but a while ago i got plants vs. zombies2 for free... download the starbucks app - they are constantly giving apps away for free and some of them are actually really cool!
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You can normally find them by searching the app store.
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has PvZ2 got adverts ruining it?

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Battlepillars came out recently!! Check it out!
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Many, many good free games out there, though they mostly try to get you with in-app purchases to enhance your play. Still, you can get pretty far in a lot of them without buying anything. The thinking games do quite well in this way, if you like that sort of thing. Logos Quiz, Riddle Unriddle, the 4-pic games....

One fun app that has no in-app purchases at all is Figure O'Speech, a visual word puzzle game.

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One of the new android app today that you can install and play for free is Cut The Box which is a nice and cute puzzle game which makes you addictive to it. It is available on Google Play Store.

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There is the game: Mr Bloc

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Hey everyone! I have recently released my new game called Tantrum 2d. Tantrum 2d is a 2d mobile and computer plat-former that includes over 6 monsters and 10 levels. Please download it! I am sure you will love i!

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IGN seems to give out free ios games every month.

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Ninja Barbecue Party is a game that has been enjoyed by thousands throughout the warmer seasons and it might still be able to entertain those looking for quality free mobile games. The title is also in-app purchase free and there surely are no hidden surprises. However, for more free apps, do try sites like or even htp:// for games that will best fit your mobile devices.

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Hey, I'm amazed at how AppsGoer did to collect the top best iOS games of 2013.